Road to Louisville, Kentucky
2015 VEX IQ Challenge World Championship
April 15-18 2015
Louisville, Kentucky

Our Teams
Robotic Legends [VIQC 7008A]
VEX IQ Elementary School Division
Robotic n00bs [VIQC 7008B]
VEX IQ Middle School Division
Comming soon

Louisville, Kentucky here we come!

Robotic n00bs [VICQ 7008B] and Robotic Legends [VIQC 7008A] qualified for the 2015 VEX IQ Challenge World Championship to be celebrated in Louisville, KY. Both teams won the Teamwork Award on their respective divisions at the state competitions. This is the second year in a row that Adianez qualifies to represent Puerto Rico at the Worlds.

n00bs qualify to state competiotns.

The n00bs [VICQ 7008B] participated at the Puerto Technology Challenge looking for a classification towoards the state competition. The state competition will have 3 spots to the World Championship.

Robotic Legends excelled at regionals.

Robotic Legends [VIQC 7008A] excelled in the Puerto Rico Technology Challenge by winning the Excellence, Teamwork Champion and Robot Skills Champion awards at the elementary school division. The event was classificatory to the state competitions where 5 spots to the World Competition will be up for grabs.

Open Season

Adianez Robotics is proud to announce start of the 2014-2015 season. For this season we have designed 2 t-shirts based on the models we used at the worlds last year.

Keep Calm and Highrise

Now Panic and Bulldoze

Teamwork Finalists at the Worlds!

Robotic Legends [VIQC 7008A] had a great run at the 2014 VEX IQ World Championship. The event was celebrated in Anaheim, California. We ranked #5 in the elementary school division, earning a spot at the semifinals; we teamed with Tecnobot [VIQC 7010A], ranked #6, and advanced to the finals. We lost the finals by a 3-point difference; winning the Teamwork Finalist Award.